Welcome to New Members

We are pleased to welcome two new members to ProTerra Network: Agricola Alba SRL and SOJA AUSTRIA.

Certified by ProTerra Standard V. 3.0 in July 2019, Agricola Alba SRL, company based on Dumbrava, Romania, aims to promote good agricultural practices, protect areas of high conservation value, environment, biodiversity, workers and rural communities, by connecting supply with demand of non-GMO products with full traceability. Its main production is Soybeans.

SOJA AUSTRIA has specialised in the world-wide distribution of non-GMO soy products, which have become essential ingredient in the recipes of the most important food companies. As a European company, based in Vienna, Austria, SOJA AUSTRIA guarantees no chemical residues, and its production is under constant and strict quality control in order to guarantee highest possible product safety for customers. All products comply with the several standards including ProTerra’s (Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability). Its main production includes soybeans, full-fat soy products, and semi-defatted soy products and textured soy.