ProTerra Approved Certification Bodies

The ProTerra Foundation trains and approves certification bodies, to perform independent, third-party certification, verification and gap audits. The benefits of certifying against the ProTerra Standard are:

✓ Improve sustainability and traceability, and decrease risk (social, reputational, environmental, economical) within the supply chain.

✓ Demonstrate to the buyer market a differentiated product, opening possibilities for new markets.

✓ Help to preserve biodiversity and valuable habitats for future generations.

✓ Implement one standard for all crops and origins.

The ProTerra Foundation approved certification bodies are:

5F, Building 6, No.11

Dongbinhe Road,

Deshengmenwai, Xicheng


100120 Beijing – China

+86 4006681677

504 North 4th Street

Fairfield, IA 52556


T: +1 641-472-9979


2000 Powell Street, Suite 600

94608 Emeryville, CA


T: +1 510 452 80000