We believe in collaboration

Strategic alliance, continuous engagement and collaboration are essential to move the sustainable agenda forward and make sure that we succeed in tackling the enormous social and environmental challenges we have ahead.

ProTerra Foundation is now an ISEAL Community Member

ProTerra Foundation is an ISEAL Community Member

The ISEAL  Community Board agreed with the recommendation of the Membership Committee to award ISEAL Community Member status to the ProTerra Foundation.

ISEAL is the global membership organisation of sustainability systems that focus on collaboration, improvement, and transparency and emphasis credible practices, scalable and effective solutions.

ProTerra Foundation’s mission is to promote social and environmental sustainability through the food and feed supply chains, and to help organisations in engaging and implementing the concept of sustainable development.

As an ISEAL Community Member, ProTerra is committed to continuously improving its systems, demonstrating impact and tackling sustainability challenges.


Sustainable Aquaculture Dialogue

In Norway and Scotland, large quantities of soya are consumed because fish and animals are fed on soya, in aquaculture. This link creates great pressure on vulnerable natural habitats, such as rainforest and savannah woodland and human health problems in the producing regions due to the extensive use of toxic pesticides. Companies working in the salmon sector have joined forces with the ProTerra Foundation to address these social and environmental issues and provide a responsible choice to the Norwegian consumer.

Soy vendors to the salmon industry end trade of deforestation linked soy in Brazil

Brazilian soy suppliers creating a 100 percent deforestation and conversion free value chain

The ProTerra Foundation has been the mediator of the “Aquaculture dialogue on sustainable soy sourcing from Brazil” working group. This group is composed by SPC Brazilian suppliers – CJ Selecta, Caramuru and Imcopa, and Norwegian aquaculture companies – BioMar, Mowi, Cargill Aqua Nutrition and Skretting. 

An outstanding result has been achieved when the Brazilian soy suppliers, Caramuru, Imcopa and CJ Selecta, committed to implement 2020 as the cut-off date for their entire supply. This historic move was mediated by the ProTerra Foundation.

By implementing this program, the crushers are contributing to increased trust and transparency in the industry. Since the cut-off date of August 2020, these companies source soy only from farmers who refrain from clearing forests on their property.

Collaborative Soy Initiative

The Collaborative Soy Initiative is a collaborative framework with the vision of 100% conversion-free, sustainable soy production and market uptake, on a global scale. The ProTerra Foundation has been actively involved in the Collaborative Soy Initiative (CSI) since the very beginning and is a steering committee member.

The Collaborative Soy Initiative aim is to joining forces on common ambitions, sharing lessons and expertise and aligning strategies to reach those, working as a significant accelerator in the efforts of building more sustainable soy supply chains.

ProTerra also organises webinars under the umbrella of the CSI.

Impact Assessment on New Genomic Techniques


The ProTerra Foundation is a board member of ENGA, a Brussels based, international industry association representing the interests of the European Non-GMO food and feed sector.


Evidensia’s mission is to put evidence at the heart of sustainability actions and decisions, through the sharing of knowledge and insight on the sustainability impacts of market-based sustainability. Evidensia helps make sense of research through learning and dialogue, so users can apply evidence and insight to inform their work.

Evidensia offers users an independent and trusted source of information on the impacts of sustainability tools and approaches and helps them interpret evidence to apply it to their work.

  • For business: Evidensia helps you make informed sourcing decisions
  • For practitioners: Evidensia provides insight for learning, improvement, and innovation
  • For government: Evidensia informs your policy action with the latest impacts evidence
  • For researchers: Evidensia gets your research in front of those who will use it