Acceptance for ProTerra Network membership is subject to review and approval by the ProTerra Foundation Board of Directors. Annual membership will automatically renew in the last quarter of the membership year.

Applicant recognizes The ProTerra Foundation, as a non-profit, independent governance body for the ProTerra Standard for Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability, is the owner of the intellectual property related to the ProTerra Standard and ProTerra® trademarks.

All ProTerra Network Members declare their commitment to conducting business with integrity, credibility, and to support and promote alignment of their sourcing, production, use and trading policies in agreement to the corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability concepts outlined in The ProTerra Standard. Members will acknowledge their membership to the ProTerra Network publicly, and Certification Program, if the latter is applicable.

ProTerra Network Membership Declaration

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ProTerra Associate Membership Declaration

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ProTerra Membership Fees

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