Capacity Building

Continuous learning and capacity building are crucial for people and organisations to improve.

In a topic as complex as promoting social and environmental sustainability in the food and feed supply chains, continuous learning is essential to overcome the enormous challenges we face.


Continuous improvement of the ProTerra Standard for Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability is at the centre of the ProTerra Foundation’s activities. Revised in 2018, the Standard covers all the important challenges relating to large-scale production of agricultural commodities along the whole value chain.

We organise webinars regularly to inform our stakeholders about improvements made in the ProTerra Standard, to get an in-depth understanding and to explore topics included in the standard, such as deforestation and other issues.

Training for auditors

Periodically the ProTerra Foundation offers a training course that is delivered on line. The course is particularly suitable for auditors interested in gaining the qualifications to conduct ProTerra audits for certification purposes or QA professionals interested in understanding the requirements of the ProTerra Standard to conduct first party, internal audits to verify and implement compliance.

Completion of the course is one of the mandatory requirements for auditors to be approved to carry out ProTerra certification audits. Certification auditors and other interested parties enrolling in this course shall have a background and extensive experience in agronomy and the food and feed sectors in general. Scheme managers, consultants, NGO members, or simply interested stakeholders have the possibility to gain a solid foundation of knowledge about the ProTerra Standard.