Benchmarking results: ProTerra Standard Version 4.1 against SAI Platform’s FSA 3.0


ProTerra Foundation believes that benchmarks are an important tool to create synergies, strategic alliances and enable companies to move the sustainable agenda forward, to tackle the enormous social and environmental challenges we face today.
The Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) is a multi-purpose tool that is helping farmers and food and drink companies around the world produce, sell and source more and more sustainably grown agricultural products.[1]
We are pleased to announce that the ProTerra Standard Version 4.1[2] has been positively benchmarked against the latest version of the Farm Sustainability Assessment, FSA 3.0[3] (See “FSA benchmarking Results”).

ProTerra Standard Version 4.1 has achieved Silver Level Equivalence against FSA 3.0, a terrific achievement. This means that 100% of the essential, 85% of the intermediate and 60% of the advanced questions have been met by ProTerra Standard Version 4.1. The benchmark score reflects the overall alignment between FSA 3.0 and ProTerra Standard 4.1 and ensures a mutual recognition between the two standards, strengthening the relationship between ProTerra Foundation and SAI Platform.