ProTerra Public Consultation – ProTerra Insecta

The ProTerra Foundation’s mission is to be a global network of businesses supporting more sustainable practices in the food and feed supply chains.

We envisage a world where all businesses contribute to the protection of biodiversity by switching to sustainable production, conserve natural resources and ensure that local communities are treated with dignity and respect.

Insects are an alternative protein source and have traditionally been used as food and feed in several parts of the world. Insect processing on an industrial scale, to be fully sustainable, should include an additional series of requirements related to human rights, workers health and safety, relation with community, control of the release of pollutants to the air and water, among others. ProTerra Foundation has, therefore, created ProTerra Insecta to cover these sustainable topics in the insect food/feed supply chains in order to contribute empowering farms and businesses to become vectors of environmentally and socially responsible business practices.

On 01 October 2021 ProTerra will launch the public consultation on the proposed changes to the ProTerra Insecta v1 Standard.

The Draft of the revised ProTerra Insecta Standard is available in English here.  The consultation questionnaire is available here. Please feel free to send us your ideas and comments through the questionnaire before 31 December 2021.