ProTerra Europa

The ProTerra Foundation’s mission is to be a global network of businesses supporting more sustainable agricultural practices in the food and feed supply chains, conversion to non-GMOs when relevant and full respect of workers and communities’ dignity. We envision a world where all businesses contribute to the protection of biodiversity by switching to sustainable production, conserving  natural resources and ensuring  local communities are treated with dignity and respect.

To address the issues and support our stakeholders, The ProTerra Foundation decided to launch the European interpretation of the standard for the harvest 2019. After a long preparation, ProTerra has finalized a new set of criteria to assure sustainable European production of raw materials. We believe that ‘local’ is not per se sustainable and assurance is needed to protect our environment, ecosystems and the society we live in and may be negatively influenced by incorrect agricultural practices.

The approach adopted by ProTerra in Europe is based on a risk evaluation of the different European countries. The risk is based on both the potential presence of GMO in a crop and in the potential of negative environmental and social aspects of agricultural activity in a given European country or region. Based on the specific result a set of ProTerra principles, criteria and indicators are selected and against these the producer will be assessed.

ProTerra’s European interpretation, including the interpretation and rules, will be published on September, 2nd.

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