New members to participate in our Certification and Standard Committee

A vital element to ensure the robustness of the ProTerra certification programme is the Certification and Standard Committee which is responsible, among others, for the periodical revision and updating of the ProTerra Standard, the monitoring of certification bodies, the proper implementation of the ProTerra Certification scheme and the correct handling of complaints related to the implementation of the ProTerra Certification scheme.

We are reaching out to you because we are seeking new members to participate in our Certification and Standard Committee. You can download the ToRs here.

It would be great to bring our experience forward as part of our ongoing governance, especially now that we have become ISEAL Community Members and that the Proterra v5 public consultation is planned for next year.

Desirable Qualifications, Knowledge & Experience and Skills

  • Demonstrated understanding of the food and/or feed industry, particularly as it relates to sustainability and governance
  • Professional proficiency in English
  • Demonstrated awareness and sensitivity in accommodating and managing a wide range of perspectives, criteria and cultures
  • Proven user experience with ProTerra and/or other standards (standard setting, auditing procedures, verification, claims and labelling)
  • Understanding of data management, supply chain transparency and traceability
  • Experience with environmental, health and safety and social aspects related to agricultural supply chains
  • Proactive
  • Good communication skills, able to easily explain and discuss difficult concepts to key stakeholders – including in writing

The time commitment to fulfil the role will depend strongly on the on-going activities. We believe that and average of 2 hours a week during the revision period (2 months), plus 1 hour per month as a routine is a realistic estimate.

If you are interested in joining, then please send your application including your details and CV via email to before April 1, 2022.