25 years without genetic engineering in Austria

ProTerra Foundation would like to congratulate all involved in this journey of environment protection and promotion of good agricultural practices aimed at securing the supply of sustainably produced, fully traceable, non-GMO ingredients for feed and food.

It all started 25 years ago, in Austria, with the referendum on genetic engineering (April 1997)[1] and the founding of ARGE Gentechnik-frei [2], Europe’s first and most successful platform for the control and labeling of GMO-free Food Production (“Ohne Gentechnik”). Since then, non-GM food and agricultural products are enjoying great popularity among Austrian consumers, who represent more than two thirds of countries’ shoppers willing to pay more for non-GMO food.

To celebrate, from June 13th to 25th the 2022 GMO-free weeks was held, for the third time, with the complete range of Austrian food retailers presenting comprehensive consumer information about the advantages and quality aspects of GMO-free production and with special offers.

“25 years of “Ohne Gentechnik” in Austria are an important occasion to honor the enormous efforts and successes that agriculture and food production in Austria have implemented in order to position local food as a Europe-wide pioneer in high-quality, GMO-free production,” explains Florian Faber, Managing Director of ARGE Gentechnik-frei. “25 years ago, Austria was a pioneer and was being smiled upon throughout Europe. In the meantime, GMO-free food production has established itself as a significant quality standard and economic factor far beyond the pioneering country of Austria.”

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[2] http://www.gentechnikfrei.at/