The Guidance for Industrial Processing is available!

Food and feed production can refer to any operation that transforms the agricultural products into an output, such as a crushing plant or a food product manufacturer.

The ProTerra Standard[1] is applicable to all levels of the food and feed production chain, namely (I) Agricultural Production, (II) Transport, Storage, Traders and Dealers and (III) Industrial Processing.

Driven by the idea of supporting the continuous improvement of the industrial activity and its impact over agriculture, the ProTerra Foundation has issued a Guidance for Industrial Processing with the goal to ameliorate the impact of the industry and to help stakeholders gain confidence in products within their supply chain.

This Guidance also aims to:

  • Foster good agricultural practices;
  • Secure the supply of sustainably produced, traceable, non-GMO ingredients for feed and food;
  • Protect the environment, and
  • Promote that workers and communities be treated with dignity and respect.

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