ProTerra Standard is launched in Portuguese!

Brazil is world’s fifth-largest country by geographical area and the largest in terms of arable land.

Although only a fraction of its land is exploited, the country produces a highly diverse array of agricultural goods.

The country already ranks as the top global supplier of products as diverse as beef, orange juice, soybean oil and cellulose.

With an abundant supply of natural resources—water, land and a favourable climate—it has the opportunity to be the largest agribusiness superpower, supplying the world market while also providing affordable food for its own population.

This opportunity comes also with responsibilities and some threats.

Recent data released by the Brazilian government’s Prodes deforestation satellite monitoring system found that 220,000 square kilometers in the Amazon and Cerrado biomes were deforested between 2006 and 2017.

Clearing native vegetation releases carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, while crop plantations store less CO2. This environmental negligence, contrasts with the fundamental role and leadership that Brazil played during the negotiations and implementation of the SDGs.

To support Brazilian companies working towards their social and environmental commitments, particularly those who are already members of the ProTerra Network, the ProTerra Foundation makes available in Portuguese the ProTerra Standard and several webinars, to facilitate the engagement with our stakeholders from Brazil and boost their leadership in becoming champions of social and environmental responsibility in the food and feed supply chain.