ProTerra Environmental Footprint Report 2024

The ProTerra Foundation proudly announces the release of its latest report on the Environmental Footprint of ProTerra-certified soybean products, a milestone in sustainability. This comprehensive study, conducted in partnership with Mérieux NutriSciences | Blonk, uses a rigorous Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to evaluate carbon footprint, water consumption, and land use. Compared to 2023, the report incorporates exclusively primary data for Brazilian production and introduces advanced methodologies such as satellite imagery for Land Use Change (LUC) assessment. This historic achievement underscores ProTerra’s commitment to transparency and sustainability, demonstrating significantly lower emissions for certified products and providing compelling evidence of their environmental benefits.

Global demand for soybeans is driving agricultural expansion, prompting scrutiny of environmental impacts such as deforestation and land conversion. In Brazil, a leader in soybean production, ProTerra addresses sustainability challenges by commissioning rigorous assessments aligned with industry standards. The updated report not only highlights the lower emissions of ProTerra-certified soy products, but also outlines strategies for continuous improvement. Stakeholders are invited to explore the report, which serves as a key resource for advancing sustainable agricultural practices and supporting the positive environmental outcomes of ProTerra certification.