Non-GMO Market Report for Three Main Crops

Non-GMO soy, maize, and rapeseed are portrayed in a positive light in the second Non-GMO Market Report, which was published in collaboration between the ProTerra Foundation, ENGA and Donau Soja.

During the 2023–24 season, the European Union is anticipated to have an ample supply of non-GM products. Strong harvests of all three commodities in the EU in 2023 contributed to this increase. In contrast to the worldwide market decline observed for GM soybeans, premiums for non-GMO soybeans have surged in recent months.

The report provides an exclusive analysis of non-GMO crops in the European Union, highlighting significant developments in supply, demand, and prices for these critical crops as well as other noteworthy trends and considerations in the non-GM market.

You can access the full report here