New Member – Sonic Biochem Extractions Pvt. Limited from India

Sonic Biochem Extractions Pvt. Limited, India is a global leader in manufacturing non-GMO soya functional proteins, soy-sunflower lecithins & phospholipids and organic soya products for processed food, processed meat, nutraceuticals, healthcare, feed and cosmetic products. Sonic has four manufacturing plants in India and exports to 50 countries globally and is approved by various multinational companies globally.

At Sonic, we believe in looking towards the future and giving back to the society. With this effort in mind, Sonic is the 1st company in India to get Proterra certified by working with 5000 farmers in the Jhabhua region of Madhya Pradesh. This is a revolutionary breakthrough for Sonic Biochem in implementing sustainable farming practices.

Proterra certification focuses on various aspects of Indian farmers such as responsible labor practices & human rights, equal pay and social status of workers, biodiversity conservation, environmental waste management, use of sustainable resources, prohibiting GMO seeds, adoption of good agricultural practices, and effective water and waste management.

In addition, Sonic has been working with farmers to promote organic soya farming. With growing consumer awareness and demand for sustainable ingredients on the rise, this presented the perfect opportunity for the company to consider ProTerra certification for its non-GMO soya ingredients. The plan is to start with non-GMO Soy Lecithin in 2021 and gradually expand to sustainable proteins for the food and feed Industry.

Sonic is delighted to announce this step forward and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the Proterra Foundation.

New Member - Sonic Biochem Extractions Pvt. Limited from India (1)

New Member - Sonic Biochem Extractions Pvt. Limited from India (1)