Land Use Change and Soy Webinar – Highlights

How do we scale up and collaborate better to achieve land conversion and deforestation free, responsible soy? Motivated by this question, a collaboration framework, the Collaborative Soy Initiative (CSI)[1], was created in June 2019, aimed at increasing stakeholder engagement and creating impact on a global scale.

The ProTerra Foundation has been actively involved in the CSI since the very beginning and is a steering committee member.

The CSI intends to offer informative webinar sessions on topics of interest, on a regular basis. The “Land Use Change and Soy” Webinar was held on September 7th, organized by the ProTerra Foundation under the umbrella of the Collaborative Soy Initiative (CSI), in collaboration with external stakeholders.  The session counted with speakers from ProTerra, Solidaridad[2], FEFAC (European Feed Manufactures’ Federation), Quantis[3] and Blonk Consultants[4].

The agenda was the following:

  1. Introduction: The Collaborative Soy Initiative and the Working Group “Make it Practical” (Emese Brosz, Managing Director ProTerra, SC CSI member, and Chair WG Make It Practical)
  2. What is a product Life Cycle Assessment & how is it connected to the Carbon Footprint of soy? (Alma Acosta, Program Manager Solidaridad)
  3. Legal frameworks and guidelines: PEFCR Feed & GFLI Database – The Feed Industry Tools for Measuring Environmental Footprints (Anton van den Brink, Senior Policy & Communication Manager FEFAC and Delanie Kellon, Decision scientist for natural resource management and sustainable agriculture)
  4. Methodology: Guidelines for Land use change and limitation factors (Michèle Zollinger, Lead on land use change carbon emissions, Quantis)
  5. How to integrate and calculate Life Cycle Assessment emissions based on available data? (Jasper Scholten, Manager LCA Blonk Consultants)

For more information please visit the Collaborative Soy Initiative’s website where you can find the webinar recording and presentations.