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    Case Study

    Consider the information below:

    Company Super Soy
    Location visited Sorriso, Mato Grosso, Brasil
    What the company does Soybean farming and grain storage
    Types of production GMO and Non-GMO
    Hectares planted to soy 150,000

    At the audit to the above company you discover the following:

    ·          GMO and non-GMO crops are approximately respectively 70% and 30% of the total production.

    ·         There are ten equal sized grain storage silos (1 to 10), numbers 4 and 5 are dedicated non-GMO and contain “Non-GMO only” labels.

    ·         There are invoices for purchased non-GMO seed.

    ·         Employees state planting and harvesting equipment is cleaned prior to use on non-GMO fields.

    ·         Farm records identify the fields planted with non-GMO seed.

    ·         There are records of semi-quantitative GMO strip test analysis on harvested soybeans. Records demonstrate these tested soybeans are placed into the storage silos number 4.  

    ·         Last year’s invoices from Super Soy Farm to the local grain crusher (next economic operator) contain grain silo numbers 4 and 5 printed on the invoice. 

    Comment on the following regarding Principle 10- Traceability and Chain of Custody:

    1.     Cite potential non-conformance(s) you identified.

    2.     What type of visual evidence and/or documentation would you use to eventually confirm the potential non-conformance?


    Good work!!


    For certification under this Standard, areas of native
    vegetation cannot have been cleared or converted into agricultural
    areas, or used for industrial or other commercial purposes, after
    2008, in particular the following:
    • Primary Forests (for instance, rainforests);
    • Riparian Vegetation;
    • Wetlands;
    • Swamps;
    • Floodplains;
    • Steep slopes;
    • High above-ground carbon stocks, and
    • Other as defined by the High Conservation Values Resource
    Network (HCV 1 to 6).


    Alice, chegou a ver a minha resposta ao quiz do dia 5


    Não Alexia. Vamos ver isso juntas no call de 26/01, OK?

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