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    1. When preparing for a certification audit, the team identifies in the local news paper that the site that will be audited is receiving many labour claims. The country where the site is located has no specific regulation on this topic. What should be the legal framework considered as applicable to this assessment and what cross checks, pieces of information would you as an auditor try to obtain?

    2. In your opinion what are to two most relevant contributions to the SDGs delivered by a ProTerra certification (a link to the SDGs and its relation to ProTerra Standard has been provided at the introduction of Day 1)?

    Please respond and further discuss with your colleagues by commenting on their posts.

    Good work!!


    1- Como não possui nenhuma convenção específica, seguiria a Organização Internacional do trabalho (OIT) , Verificaria se todos colaboradores possuem contrato de trabalho, se as carteiras de trabalho eram assinadas, como seria a jornada de trabalho destes colaboradores.
    cruzaria os holerites, e comprovantes de pagamentos se os mesmos estão sendo pagos, e se estaria havendo alguma dedução indevida.

    2- Seria a Meta 12 Garantir padrões de consumo e produções sustentáveis, e a meta 3 Garantir uma vida saudável e promover o bem estar para todos em todas a idades.


    In the absence of regulations in a country, ProTerra and all it requirements should be used as reference. This can be relevant when auditing in developing countries.
    One important aspect that I consider during an audit, aside from interviews with workers as mentioned, is observing work conditions (safety measures in place, usage of PPE – personnel protective equipment). I am attaching a link will relevant technical considerations in relation to environmental and health and safety associated to agriculture for information.


    I my personal view, this second question is difficult question to answer (and there is no correct answer). All SDG are relevant and meeting all of them together is what could make this world sustainable. I believe the key message ProTerra Foundation wants to leave here is that ProTerra Standard has a role to play in helping SDG. But it is good the see the different perspectives considering country specific experience.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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