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    Let us know a bit about your background, experience with sustainability related topics and expectations in relation to this course.
    The forum will remain open for the entire week so that you may come back, review your posts and network with your colleagues.
    Please be respectful of one another. The forums are a place to network, learn and debate, and not to criticize or advocate. Also, refrain from discussing commercially sensitive information here.

    Welcome again!!


    It is great to have you here!

    My name is Alice and I will be mediating this course.

    Should you have any question please let me know. I hope you all have a great experience and learning with this training. Keep in mind that this is a great opportunity to exchange experience with your course colleagues.

    Please consider that there can be a delay in communication due to time zone differences.

    Good course!

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    Hello, my name is Alexia and I work in the ProTerra Foundation Sekretariat.

    I will assist Alice during this training course and in case you need any help or support please reach out to us.
    Our aim is that participants take this training to learn and develop skills to perform audits under the ProTerra Standard.

    Enjoy your training!

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    Dear Participant,

    If you wish to follow your scoring, you can do so through your profile page.

    On the top right corner click on Howdy, your email, then on “Edit Profile”, scroll down the page and you can find the “You have taken the following quizzes”, here you have an overview of your scores and you can also click on “Statistics” for more detailed information per quiz.

    Don’t forget that you can retake Quizzes three (3) times, the best score will count!

    Hope this helps all 😉

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    Olá , tudo bem?
    Meu nome é Joana Paula Carvalho, sou Engenheira Agrônoma, com especialização na área ambiental.
    Possui conhecimento, em outras certificações como RTRS, ISCC e ISO 14.001.
    Espero absorver o máximo de conteúdo possível do padrão Pro Terra. Podendo atuar de melhor forma na área, auditando o padrão Pro Terra.
    Contribuindo com a prevenção de erros, falhas tornando as empresas mais segura e sólida.


    Obrigada Joana, bem vinda. Nosso idioma de comunicação é o Ingles, pois o curso tipicamente inclui participantes de diversos países. Qualquer dificuldade por favor me avise.

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