ProTerra Europa V1.0 Training Course

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Welcome to the ProTerra Standard Interpretation for Europe V1.0 training course.

This is a self-guided course aimed at providing all details to help you understand and apply the ProTerra Europa. In the next two to three hours, you will be presented with the background context for the creation of ProTerra Europa and its requirements. Exercises in the form of quizzes will be posed to help to deepen the knowledge of the topics discussed during this training.

The quizzes and the case study are not timed, and you may retake them as many times as you wish. The highest score will be considered in your final grade. Helpful feedback discussing the answer is provided at the end of each quiz just click the view questions button. Take the time to read this and learn from it. Once you complete all topics of a lesson, please mark it complete so that the next lesson can be started.

Should you have any difficulties with the training platform or questions about the content of this training please contact us at, and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a reply.

To benefit fully from this training, we recommend you to be acquainted with ProTerra Standard 4.1, the full version available at the link below:

Student Assessment

To be approved for this training we suggest that you achieve at least a final grade of 60% bearing in mind that you can take quizzes as many times as you want. This grade is calculated considering the following:

  • Quiz 1 (50% of the total score);
  • Quiz 2 (30% of the total score), and
  • Quiz 3 (20% of the total score).

After completing the training you will be granted a certificate of participation for this training.