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1. Knowledge Creation

The ProTerra Foundation organises conferences and seminars, both in production and user countries to raise awareness for the need of more sustainable agricultural production systems.  Only by improving existing production methods will it be possible to meet the growing demand for food, feed and agricultural raw materials without destroying natural resources and habitats.  ProTerra has a strong focus on Non-GMO, but its standard for sustainable production includes all relevant environmental and social aspects.

Regular newsletters inform members and others interested in sustainable value chains about latest developments.  The ProTerra Foundation is actively integrated in a broad network of consumer organisations, NGOs (in the field of sustainability), academia and research institutes, government and international organisations.

2. Auditing and Risk Analysis

ProTerra Foundation is the owner of the ProTerra Standard. Retailers, food processors, and traders may use the ProTerra Standard for Risk Assessment along their whole supply Chain. This is in many cases the first step to certification.

3. Certification

ProTerra Foundation is the owner of the ProTerra Standard and is responsible for credible certification processes. Certification according to the ProTerra Standard is available worldwide, for all agricultural commodities.

Certification according to the ProTerra Standard is possible in the full version, guaranteeing freedom of Non-GMO along the whole value chain (segregation and identity-preservation).

Certification is also possible without the Non-GMO module, depending on the market demand.

4. Training and Accreditation of Auditors

As the owner of the ProTerra Standard, the ProTerra Foundation is responsible for credible certification processes. It defines the requirements for auditors in terms of experience and training. ProTerra offers regular Auditor Training in different regions of the world.  ProTerra Foundation supervises the integrity of auditors and the quality of audit reports.

5. Training of Farmers and Processors

Based on first audit results and risk assessment, there is often a need for training before critical issues can be resolved.  ProTerra Foundation provides such training for farmers and managers responsible for groups of smallholder farmers of sugar mills, soy crushers etc. ProTerra Foundation works together with local experts and trainers to achieve this.

6. Linking Production and Demand

ProTerra Foundation has a special focus to link sustainable production with demand, involving and creating a whole value chain. By offering interesting business-to- business solutions, ProTerra is contributing to fast up-scaling of sustainable production systems.  ProTerra Foundation is providing platforms for its members from different levels of the value-chain to meet and exchange actual market information.

7. Consumer Information – Seal

ProTerra Foundation can help retailers and food processors in their communication with end-consumers about the importance of the positive impact sustainable agricultural production can have. One means is the ProTerra Seal, which is available for certified value-chains both as a Non-GMO option and for sustainable production only.


Alexia Stumpf
Administrative Manager

E-mail: alexia.stumpf@proterrafoundation.org
Tel: +35 191 5874439
Skype: alexia.stumpf

Augusto Freire

Email: augusto.freire@proterrafoundation.org
Cel: +55 51 9117-8541
Tel: +49 17610175341

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