Welcome to Day 2 of the ProTerra Auditor training course.

Business is a major contributor to economic growth and, as a vehicle for human progress, it helps underpin global human rights and must be based on a responsible relationships with workers and community to be sustainable. Today these key topics will be studied.

Today’s activity is to:

1) Read Principle 2 – Human Rights and Responsible personnel policies, labour practices;

 2) Read, sections as indicated, the textHUMAN RIGHTS TRANSLATED – A Business Reference Guide – Castan Centre for Human Rights Law Faculty of Law, Monash University, Clayton VIC 3800 Melbourne, Australia. Please read:
 (a) Introduction pages vii to xiii;
 (b) Right not to be subjected to slavery, servitude or forced labour pages 17 to 20 including case study: Cocoa industry – Côte d’Ivoire, and 
 (c) Rights of protection for the child pages 69 to 70 and 72.

 3) Complete an online quiz on Principle 2;

 4) Read PRINCIPLE 3 – Responsible relations with workers and community;

 5) Read: IFC – Good Practice Note Addressing Grievances from Project Affected Communities (Pages 2 to 6 and 16 to 28) including case study Monte Rosa (Pantaleon), Nicaragua;

 6) Read text on Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) Manual prepared by FAO (page 11 to 18 Including the case study from Niyamgiri, India);

 7) Navigate in https://www.globallivingwage.org/. In this web page you will find reference to estimate living wages in various countries; and

 8) Complete an online quiz on Principle 3 You are invited to read the full content of the three mandatory texts should you have interest. 

You are also being provided with additional reading material on FPIC, this reading is optional but highly recommended.

If you have questions about the training platform or find problems using it, please get in touch using the technical issues forum or send an email to info@proterrafoundation.org .