Responsible business practices help ensure the rights and general well-being of workers. All workers should be treated with dignity and respect. This principle references ILO conventions and other international standards to ensure that smallholders provide safe working environments and do not engage in the likes of forced labour, child labour, or harassment. This is also a relevant topic for family labour, where special attention needs to be given to child education. The relevance of these topics is so significant that all of Criterium 2.1 is set for the entry-level of ProTerra.

Here too big corporations have a role to play in supporting their smallholder suppliers in understanding and implementing business practices respecting human rights.

Here are the requirements associated with this Principle:

Take a moment to think on what the challenges smallholders face in relation to implementing these requirements associated with Principle 2. What do you see as most challenging?

Before we move on, check some facts on smallholders on FAO Fact sheet on smallholders below.