Sustainable Food Summit | San Francisco 2017

ProTerra’s Chairman Augusto Freire took part in the Sustainable Foods Summit discussing ProTerra’s Theory of Change and progress in Sustainable Soy Sourcing. ProTerra’s Chairman dispelled the myths about the current rate of Amazon deforestation where the Forest Code and ProTerra, have been successful in reducing deforestation rates. However challenges of mixed use agriculture and monitoring accuracy the Cerrado and Paraguay have been getting more attention, and calling for more landscape approaches and emissions reduction.

Alpro, a ProTerra member, discussed their sustainable sourcing and manufacturing program and partnerships with NGO’s. Several brand companies presented their companies in-house corporate sustainability programs including Barilla, and Freisland Campina. A growing number of food and ingredient firms were present to discuss their sustainable sourcing programs including Unilever, Mars and Tradin Organic.