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ProTerra Foundation’s new member – KI Sugar Group

First sugar mill to receive Proterra Certification in south east asia

We are pleased to welcome KI Sugar Group (Surin Sugar Co., Ltd. and Korach Industry Co., Ltd.) to ProTerra Network!

With over six decades of experience in the sugar manufacturing business, KI Sugar Group has been devoted to perfecting sugar production, following the company’s motto, “Family begins with Sugar”.

Besides producing sugar, the group has been concerned about sustainable development for a long time, pursuing zero waste and producing energy and bio-fertilizer from processing by-products. This way, it supports the reduction of chemical fertilizers by turning waste into valuable materials, at the same time as protecting the environment.

KI Sugar Group sustainability program started four years ago, when they were first introduced to customers, whose expectations were beyond sugar quality, including responsibility towards environment and stakeholders, together with consumers, employees, growers, communities and others.

ProTerra Foundation is happy to be part of KI Sugar Group´s commitment with customers:  every grain of sugar purchased is from best sustainable program practice throughout supply chain.

ProTerra Foundation’s new member – KI sugar group

ProTerra Foundation’s new member – KI sugar group

ProTerra Foundation’s new member – KI sugar group


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17 de June de 2020

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