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Caterina Rossi

1. I think that to have evidences about land use change, we can compare company documentation about 3 or 5 years before audit year to see changes in some area. Documents like crops maps or annual production programs . Also to consult free national or regional graphical geo portals comparing previous years can be effective to evaluate changes.

2. Knowledge about areas, cultures, populations and local communities are essential to be able to audit these areas in a responsible and truthful manner.

3. I think that cooperation between companies and certified bodies can lead to greater awareness of land use, the reduction use of areas high conservation value and areas that are important for the amount of carbon and biodiversity stored. The greater the conservation of biodiversity and hvc areas, the greater the positive effects also with regard to agricultural production. It is therefore essential that during a proterra audit, the actual presence of areas that allow biodiversity conservation is found.