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Natalia Martis

As audior we are interested in the certification of non-GMO soybeans, so all attention is directed to non-GMO soybeans. GMO soy is not certified.
In addition to the invoices for the purchase of non-GMO soybean seeds, the document certifying the fact of non-GMO must be presented.
The document certifying the cleanliness of the equipment must be verified.
Must be verified records for agricultural production: seed and propagation material, information of planted area and plots, crop type and volume records, analysis reports.
we are also interested in the records for the storage operation: soybean reception records, shipment storage records if necessary.
Knowing that there are 2 silos labeled with non gmo, we are interested, to be presented the analyzes from silos 5 not only from silos 4.
Each invoice issued must have the number of the production batch of cereals sold printed on it and be accompanied by the shipping records with the ProTerra Traceability Certificate (TCC).

Potential non-compliances can be highlighted due to GMO seeds that will not be certified, or the lack of reference documents for non-GMO seeds and non-compliance with principles no. 10.