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Kotchabhorn Janthip

1. Evidence that can assist auditing work for this topic that requests land register records, mapping, land title, or environmental & social impact assessment from auditee if scale, location, and landscape are corrected.

2. An additional preparation source of information that should ask for from an auditee is documenting which is certified by HCV network, local community-approved permit letter that does not affect the invasion, database of Fine Arts Department, mapping, GPS, website of the Royal Forest Department, interviews with local communities, signs of trapping, hunting, clearance, etc.

3. The High Carbon value approach and HCV concept are HDF, MDF, LDF, and YRF should not be converted to agricultural land. And ensure that adequate effort has been made to identify HCVs and that the precautionary approach is used. If values are identified that require areas at the site and landscape-scale to be maintained or enhanced, then those areas shall not be converted to other uses.