Learn how was the ProTerra 4th International Non-GMO Soy Conference in Germany

The ProTerra 4th International Non-GMO Soy Conference, Creating Responsible and Scalable Food Supply Chain, held from 30-31 January 2019 in Bremen, Germany, provided a unique opportunity for interaction among various levels of stakeholders and players from the food and feed supply chain. Check out the complete agenda. For the conference moderator and master of ceremony, the event […]

Boosting cooperation in the sugarcane and sugar beet supply chains

We are pleased to announce that the ProTerra Foundation and the VIVE Programme have joined forces to explore a path of cooperation and mutual recognition of their efforts to promote sustainable agriculture and food supply chains. In January 2019, The ProTerra Foundation and the VIVE Programme embarked upon a benchmarking exercise of the ProTerra Standard […]

ProTerra Foundation – Sectorial Roundtable Statement

The proterra foundation proactively engages with proterra certified organizations in brazil to boost credibility in the market The ProTerra Foundation is the owner of the Voluntary Sustainability Standard (VSS) called ProTerra Certification Standard. As many other VSS owner, The ProTerra Foundation does not carry out the audits by itself, but it relies on a third-party […]

Upcoming Events ProTerra will participate

ProTerra Foundation will participate in the next upcoming event on the 26th March 2019 in Hamburg, Germany, organized by FoodChain ID. Non-GMO Exploring Future Challenges Topics that will be addressed during this event are the new GMO technologies, gene engineering, labelling and policy requirements. And answers to how the future of Non-GMO’s, how companies can meet stakeholders […]

Brazil’s Mato Grosso leads push for GM-free soy

A movement to replace genetically modified soybeans with conventional seeds is gaining traction in Brazil’s largest soy- producing state of Mato Grosso as farmers anticipate growing demand from Asia and Europe. Published on: May 14th, 2017 Source: reuters.com Original publication date: May 11th, 2017 Author: Ana Mano Brazil was an early adopter of transgenic crops and more than 96 […]

Amazon Deforestation, Once Tamed, Comes Roaring Back

After many years with curbing Amazon deforestation under the Soy Moratorium signed by many companies, this piece of news is very concerning. Under the ProTerra Standard deforestation, or negative land use change regarding any HCVA, has a cut-off date of 1994, or up to 2004 with the implementation of compensation measures. Link: Amazon Deforestation, Once Tamed, […]

Sustainable Food Summit | San Francisco 2017

ProTerra’s Chairman Augusto Freire took part in the Sustainable Foods Summit discussing ProTerra’s Theory of Change and progress in Sustainable Soy Sourcing. ProTerra’s Chairman dispelled the myths about the current rate of Amazon deforestation where the Forest Code and ProTerra, have been successful in reducing deforestation rates. However challenges of mixed use agriculture and monitoring accuracy the […]

German cabinet approves draft law banning GMO crops

The German cabinet has approved a draft law banning cultivation of crops with genetically modified organisms (GMOs), government sources told Reuters on Wednesday. Germany had announced in September 2015 that it will ban cultivation of crops with GMOs under new European Union rules allowing member states to opt out of their cultivation. An EU law […]

ProTerra SILVER approval on benchmarking to SAI Standard

Following up from on our previous correspondence regarding the benchmarking of Proterra production standard against SAI Platform’s Farm Sustainability Assessement 2.0, we would like to publish the result on line from the following link: http://www.fsatool.com under ‘Benchmark results and planning’. Proterra production standard has a Silver level equivalence (100% essential, 80% basic and 62% advanced) […]

ISEAL Alliance

Graham Mitchell Executive Director participated in ISEAL’s first DC Event in which Certification leaders are working to evolve their systems rapidly in the face of the changing landscape of sustainability and the need to achieve greater scale. Some stakeholders are saying certification should focus on its core and evolve carefully, while others feel the time […]