Revised in 2014

Continuous improvement of the ProTerra Standard for Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability is at the centre of the ProTerra Foundation’s activities. Revised in 2014, The Standard covers all the important challenges relating to large-scale production of agricultural commodities along the whole value chain and covers the following key components:

  • Protection of the Amazon and other High Conservation Value Areas
  • Good labour practices including workplace safety, equal opportunities, protection of children and absence of forced or analogous forms of labour.
  • Protection of the rights of communities, indigenous people, and small holders
  • Good Agricultural Practices regarding soil fertility, water management and reduced input of fertilisers and pesticides
  • Rigorous Non-GMO requirements (<0.1% to adventitious 0.9% GMO maximum)

The ProTerra Standard v3.0 is applicable for all agricultural commodities worldwide, providing compliance with environmental and social criteria as well as Health and Safety Regulations.

The Certification Protocol together with the ProTerra Standard forms the ProTerra Certification Scheme. In the Certification Protocol technical requirements with regard to the accreditation criteria of certification bodies, requirements for auditors and general requirements for audits such as duration, frequency, sampling methodology and integration of risk assessment are detailed.

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